Learning Adolescent Issues for better Mentorship Expectation Consults


Mentorship & Training

"A hard thing is done by figuring how to start". We help the youth and adolescent understand how to navigate life, growth, and career choice, through concentrated training and structured learning. This include mentorship on career decisions, Monitoring & Evaluation training, ICT & Digital skills, etc.


A national vision is necessary, and important for development of a country, we serve as push force to get young people involved in electing the leadership that can push laudable agenda for a brighter Nigeria.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

We provide youth friendly services on Sex Education and decision making/negotiation skills that would help young persons know who, what and where to consults in time of pressing sexual health needs.


Our HIV testing and treatment services offer a comprehensive range of intervention to aligns with the best global practice.

Gender Based Violence

Young persons (Single or Married), often get into various forms of violence from their partners, at school, workplace, relatives, neighbors, place of worship, their peers and in public spaces.


Our Volunteering system programming is targeted at helping young enthusiasts in development field gain valuable experiences. this is achieved through designed curricula, practical hands-on learning, and capacity building process.